Saigon Tattoo Club – The Villa Tattoo Studio was established in 2009, with over 10 years of experience in the tattoo art industry, we believe in bringing you the best quality tattoos.

SFounded by Artist Bo Toee, member of Cheyenne Tattoo Team, lecturer in Tattoo Department of Central Medical School, Saigon Tattoo Club has gathered many skillful and talented tattoo artists who always devoted to each work.

With many tattoo Artists tattooing forte in many different types of tattoos, you will have the most suitable and quality choices.

Saigon Tattoo Club is a member of Cheyenne Tattoo Team and the first Tattoo Studio in Vietnam to receive the concurrent sponsorship of Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment (Germany’s No.1 tattoo machine company). and American ink company Radiant Colors.